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Boost provides supplementary tutoring for children with cancer and other chronic diseases, which may prevent normal educational development. This group of teachers will not supplant the tutoring being provided by the school, but will act as a “boost” to a child by helping him/her better understand material being presented at the child’s grade level. Our tutors use their teaching expertise to fill the gap left when traditional schooling is not possible. Boost tutors make every effort to keep the student academically on track with their peers. The goal of Boost is to do all of this with the caring and warmth of an adopted grandparent.

What is BOOST?

How does BOOST work?

Boost does not replace the tutor from the school, but works with the teacher, parent and student to provide extra help and encouragement such as:

• Communicate with the Teacher as to what assistance can be provided.

• Going to the home once or twice a week.

• Going to the clinic to help with school work

• Being on-call as progress is made, so that instruction is available whenever your child needs it.

A Word From Our Parents

"My daughter Morgan is a patient at Strong and has been struggling academically. We were given Linda Bolan’s name at Boost for tutor services.  We could not believe that their services were free!  We had tutors for a few subjects, and having someone teaching her one on one made such a difference.  She was able to focus better and participate with her teacher in a positive way.  I received a follow up phone call from Linda and we are going to schedule more tutoring for her over the summer!


I truly believe that Morgan learned so much from the teachers at Boost.  It was just the “boost” she needed to get her up to speed at school. Thank you to all the volunteers for offering your services and time to help others."


Linda J. DeMatteo, parent

“As for the tutors we now have for Randy at home, what can I say? They are great! They volunteer their time and always give our son

every minute and then some! Since his treatment is 3 years long and the fact that he is disabled, a lot can be lost if he doesn’t have a way to keep up his skills. We can only do so much as we are dealing with the medical end of things each and every day! In closing I just want to say, thank you for helping our son during this difficult time for both him and the ones who love him! I will spread the word of your fantastic organization to other parents.”


Marlene W., parent

“The tutoring Estrella has received from the Boost tutor has been very helpful. The one-on-one help has given her the extra boost she needed to build confidence in her schoolwork. Knowing that someone is just a phone call away gives her a sense of security and

stops her frustration when she can’t figure out a problem on her own. Thank you Boost!”


Kim Cantin, parent

I don't know why every child isn't asking for a tutor when they are ill!  It was great as a mom to have a break, have my daughter keep up with her school work and to keep any area of her mind/body healthy as she recovered.  You have a "staff" of wonderful, caring souls and we feel honored to be recipients of such graces!  Thank you.


Erin, parent



A Word From Our Tutors

“Tutoring Randy has never felt like work. I learn as much from him as he learns from me.”


Carol G., tutor


Are you a teacher, either retired or still working, that would like to volunteer? Are you a graduate student looking for teaching opportunities and a truly rewarding experience? If so, contact Linda Bolan to see how you can help.



Would you like to support Boost? Boost needs resources for its volunteers and participants. If you would like to donate or have ideas how you can help give a "boost" this important program then contact Linda Bolan.


If you are interested in volunteering or would like to learn more about Boost contact:

Linda Bolan
ph: (585)

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